Volunteer Opportunities

  1. BibleTelling Translation!

Date/Time: ongoing

Location: in your home or favorite Wi-Fi spot

An exciting part of our ministry is working with people who are translating BibleTelling stories into other languages. Perhaps you would like to join them.

We regularly receive requests for “All the Stories of the Bible” in other languages. It is clearly a tool for discipleship and evangelism. So, if you are fluent in another language, please pray about joining our translation team. You must be self-funded and passionate about equipping people with these great tools.

For more details, contact Anne@BibleTelling.com


  1. BibleTelling Story Insights Research!

Date/Time: at your convenience

Location: in your home or favorite Wi-Fi spot

We are committed to producing a 5-10 minute Story Insights video to accompany each of the 260 stories of the Bible. Story Insights provide helpful contextual, cultural, geographical, historical, and other background information for that specific story.

We currently have Story Insights videos for approximately 1/3 of the stories. Stories 22–82 and 251-260 currently need Story Insights.

Here is how you can help:

  • select several stories (notify us at info@bibletelling.com)
  • search Study Bibles, commentaries, atlases, web sites, encyclopedias, and other sources for helpful background information
  • share a summary of the information found and sources used (info@bibletelling.com)

Bonus: A free, bound copy of “All The Stories of the Bible” for 3 Story Insight submissions