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About BibleTelling

BibleTelling is a rebirth of an old method of teaching the Bible. In recent years, there has been a dramatic change in how we approach learning. People of this generation are as talented and intellectual as other generations, but they respond to a different type of teaching. Analytical logic no longer dominates teaching/learning, as it has in the past 100 years. Stories are now placed on a much higher level of importance. In fact, we now know that people receive a superior education if it includes listening and learning to tell stories.

Another major difference in our society is how few Bible stories people know. They have been raised in homes where Bible stories were not emphasized. They attended churches that felt Bible stories were only for children. And yet the children’s program stopped training teachers to tell captivating Bible stories. Several years ago, BibleTelling was being taught in an adult Sunday school class. At one point the class was asked, “Why are you enjoying BibleTelling so much?” One answer was, “We are learning stories that our pastor assumes we already know!”

BibleTelling is not new. It is simply a rebirth of an old method of teaching the Bible. For thousands of years, ordinary people did not have the privilege of owning a Bible. Therefore, church leaders carefully taught these stories to adult, and they passed them down to their children. BibleTelling returns Bible stories to adult education.

What BibleTelling Is

BibleTelling is a powerful way of communicating large portions of God’s truth in a memorable way. This is done with Bible stories, simply told. BibleTelling can be used for many purposes, and will be enjoyed by people whatever their age, background and interest-level. It brings permanent change in a person’s relationship with God, and lays a foundation for making good life-decisions.

For more information, please watch this video series on the ministry of BibleTelling. BibleTelling Ministry

How BibleTelling Approaches Stories

There are three sides to the BibleTelling approach to stories.

* First we encourage people to learn Bible stories in a way that embodies the essence of the written text. We think there is a time and place for embellishing Bible stories, but there is amazing power in learning, telling, and hearing a Bible story told accurately.

* Second, when learning a Bible story, we believe it is important to internalize the overall flow of the narratives without word-for-word memorizing. People should tell Bible stories like they tell what they had for breakfast. They see it in their mind, and then simply tell what they see. So it should be with a Bible story. A person should envision the story, and then tell it.

* The third side of learning a story is telling it to someone else. A story is not totally in a person’s memory until it has been told five times.

All of this is more completely explained in the BT User Guide

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