Full-length versions of the daily stories (FREE)  Written in an easy to understand conversational style. Each story is presented in its simplest form and is accurate to Scripture. Version 3.0 includes 2 new stories and minor grammatical corrections.

Narratives of all the daily stories–in just each 90-second ($6.95) All the stories, still told simply and accurately, but in abbreviated form.

This is a companion guide the All the Stories of the Bible. It presents the philosophy behind BibleTelling. It also groups all the stories into various categories.

Read, hear, and watch more complete versions of the daily stories (more than the 2- or 4- minute radio versions). This is a great tool that can easily be added to a church website. It gives Christian workers access to all the stories by video, audio, and written format.

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ANNOUNCEMENT–February 15, 2018

We have just published a new book, I’m not a duck, with Covenant Books!

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