Everything BibleTelling


  1. Books
  • All the Stories of the Bible

printed: $20, digital: free

  • All the Stories of the Bible: 90-Seconds Each

printed: $15, digital $6.95

  • The Art of Storytelling (with YouTube videos)

printed: $10, Kindle: $7.77

  • User Guide 

printed: $15, digital: $6.95

  • Storytelling 101


  1. Trainings
  • June Christian Storytelling Conference christianstorytelling.com
  • November BibleTelling Training — a 3-day intensive
  • On-location church trainings


  1. Story of the Day

This is a daily email service for going through All the Stories of the Bible in a year. Included in the daily email is the written story, video of the story being told, story insights, map, and time line.


  1. BTStories.com

This BibleTelling website is designed to be a tool churches can place on their website as a link. It provides Christian workers multiple resources for each story.


  1. Mobile App

Now all of BibleTelling’s resources are available on phones and tablets. (iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Mobile platforms)


  1. Podcasts

All the Stories of the Bible in 2 audio lengths: full story or 90-seconds (also in Mandarin).


  1. Dial-a-Bible-Story

People around the world can use their phone to access All the Stories of the Bible.   (559) 670-1877 (ext. 555 for instructions)


  1. Curriculum

A BibleTelling curriculum is a totally interactive method of Bible instruction. It is ideal for adult and teen Bible studies.


  1. Translations

Work underway to translate the Bible stories into many other languages.


  1. Radio Spots

BibleTelling has two kinds of radio programing:

  • 2-minute daily spots, 5 days a week
    — going through the Bible in a year
  • 4-minute weekly spots
    —150 stories in three years


  1. Seminar in Israel

This is a 14-day, life-changing experience in the land of the Bible. Those attending visit 45 sites and learn the historical, culture, and geography of 100+ Biblical stories. Everyone participates in telling the stories. There are 15 short videos that prepare people for this adventure.


  1. Language Olympics 
  • Learning to read

A 6-book literacy program using Bible stories for learning-to-read. Each person progresses at their own rate with their individual tutor. It moves a person from “0” reading level to around a 5th-grade reading ability.

  • English as a second language (ESL)

This program helps churches reach into their multi-cultural community and use Bible stories as part of their English-learning ministry.


  1. Prison Ministry

We offer a 9-month course that equips prison inmates to become BibleTelling trainers. With this training, they can establish their ongoing BibleTelling ministries in the prisons. Contact Chuck:  ChuckBroug (at) cs.com


  1. College Curriculum

This is a 1-semester, 3-hour BibleTelling training course developed by Grace University in Omaha, NE. It includes a 2-week BibleTelling Seminar in Israel. Contact Tara: trye (at) graceu.edu


  1. BibleTelling Ministry 

This series of YouTube films gives an overview of the ministry of BibleTelling