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The BibleTelling User Guide, v. 2.05

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The BibleTelling User Guide for All the Stories of the Bible

Now corresponds to the current 260-story All The Stories of the Bible (the previous edition was keyed to the older 255-story version).
A greatly expanded and improved Topical Index (formerly called “Categories”) of the stories of the Bible.
The Bible Story Triangle shows how to use Bible stories in ministry, family, & personal enrichment.
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Three key components of the BibleTelling User Guide:

  • An introduction that explains how these stories were arranged and crafted and examines the tremendous impact Bible stories have on a person’s life and ministry.
  • An alphabetical listing of all the various stories, including the ones hidden inside other stories.
  • A topical index that classifies the stories by subject, such as comfort, blame, deception, determination, forgiveness, persistence etc.