BibleTelling Radio Stories

Radio Listeners: More Complete Versions of the Daily Stories

Intrigued by the radio story you heard and want to hear more? For the more complete versions of the stories–beyond the 2-minute or 4-minute radio versions–please see other options. Options include videos and audios of all 260 BibleTelling stories along with maps, timelines, background insights, and printed copies of the stories.


Radio Spot Sponsors: Customized Radio Spots for Your Sponsorship

Some radio stations require commercial sponsorship for the 2-minute and 4-minute radio spots. If your church or business is interested in sponsoring the spots, please let us know. E-Mail

Here are sample 2-Minute spots with commercial modifications.

Radio Station Executives and Staff: 2-Minute and 4-Minute Radio Spots

BibleTelling has crafted new, shorter versions of the stories of the Bible for airing on radio stations. If you are interested in airing (or sponsoring the broadcast of) one of these series, please contact us.

  • 2-Minute Spot (90-second stories, with 15-second intro and trailer clips)
    Product: each of the 260 stories told and recorded in 90 seconds each
    Audience: radio stations wanting to share all the stories of the Bible in a year (52 weeks x 5 days = 260 stories) in 2-minute time slots.
  • 4-Minute Spot (3 1/2-minute stories, with 15-second intro and trailer clips)
    Goal: record about 150 stories of the Bible in 3 1/2 minutes each
    Audience: radio stations wanting to share 1 Bible story a week in a 3-year cycle with the stories of Jesus birth and death/resurrection airing at Christmas and Easter time each year.


Sample 2-Minute Radio Spot

1. Conversion of Saul


Sample 4-Minute Radio Spot

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Guidelines for how the stories are crafted

  • Each story is accurate to Scripture. Nothing has been added to embellish what is given in the Bible.
  • Each story is basically the simple telling of a Biblical event. Everything has been removed that distracts from the simple understanding of the story.
  • Smaller events in the Bible are grouped together with another event to make a larger combined story.
  • Larger stories are broken into two or three parts.
  • If a story appears more than once, it is compiled together into one story.
  • The Stories in the book are between 3-10 minutes in length (average telling or reading speed). These have been condensed for radio so they can be told in 90 seconds.
  • Nothing in the story is left out because of offensive content. Therefore, we have placed an icon in the book next to stories that might be considered inappropriate for younger children. These stories are included in the year-long series, but alternatives are made available for those who decide not to use them.


Radio Station Technicians: The Radio Files

For radio station program staff, here are broadcast-ready audio files of the 2-minute and the 4-minute stories. We are adding additional stories as they become available.

Here is the recommended daily broadcast schedule for airing all 260 2-minute stories — with the stories of the birth of Jesus at Christmas time.


Radio Stations


WCXO Max 96.7FM in Carlyle, Illinois is broadcasting three (3) 2-minute Bible Stories during the  6:00am-9:00am time slot each Sunday morning (since Sunday, January 31, 2016). Sponsored by Carlyle Christian Church.

WINB Shortwave Radio in Pennsylvania, is broadcasting the 2-minute Bible Stories at 3:58pm and 8:58pm Monday-Friday (since Monday, December 21, 2015).

WBNH Good News Radio 88.5FM in Pekin, Illinois and 100.1FM in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, is broadcasting the 4-minute Bible Stories at 8:55am Saturday mornings (since Saturday, September 5, 2015).