Church-Centered BibleTelling Seminars in Israel


BibleTelling Seminars in Israel include several distinctions:

  • planned with and for your church group (options for activity/exercise level, site selection, and more)
  • hear 100+ Bible stories told on 45+ sites where they occurred (including sites in the West Bank)
  • hear expert commentary on the Biblical significance of each site
  • pre-Seminar BibleTelling training helps participants learn (not memorize) and tell Bible stories
  • each participant shares 3-6 Bible stories during the Seminar in Israel
  • partnered with an experienced and knowledgeable Christian tour agency in Jerusalem with access to all Biblical sites (both Israel and the West Bank)
  • one open or “free” day in Jerusalem/Bethlehem for relaxation, shopping, and other exploration
  • an “Evening with Families” in Bethlehem (groups of 3-4 participants share meals in the homes of local families)
  • fine hotel accommodations, excellent meals, comfortable transportation
  • optional Petra extension to Jordan (visas, transportation, housing, meals also provided there)


ANNOUNCEMENT–January 11, 2018

Trinity Lutheran Church of Colombia, MO, is sponsoring a BibleTelling Seminar Israel, April 14-27, 2018. They have limited space for a few additional participants. Their web site (click the “2018 Holy Land Tour” tab) has many details of the outstanding trip they have planned! Please contact the church as soon as practical if you are interested:

Phone 573-445-2112


Here are details from some previous BibleTelling Seminars in Israel–subject to change to meet your needs:

Sample Description (Sample Flier)
Sample Itinerary (travel stops, titles and tellers of the stories)
Maps (daily travel and stops–match to Itinerary)

Stories to be Told (the narratives for the stories told on location)
Petra Extension Description
Preparation Videos
Background Links

If you are interested in planning a BibleTelling Seminar in Israel for your church group, review this Starter Sheet.

Then please contact us with questions or to get started!

2017 Grace University BibleTelling Seminar


Grace University is leading a BibleTelling Seminar in Israel May 28 – June 10, 2017. Others are welcome to join this energetic and highly-motivated group of students and faculty.  Please note that the length of the seminar, the itinerary, accommodations, and cost will vary slightly from our standard seminar.

Current (draft) information :

Detailed Itinerary (travel stops, titles and tellers of the stories)
Stories to be Told (the narratives for the stories to be told)

Preparation Videos
Background Links

If you are interested in considering this seminar, please email us at and mention the Grace University BibleTelling Seminar in Israel.

Xtreme BT Seminar in Israel & Petra

WHAT: A high-adventure and high-energy immersion into the land and stories of the Bible! Highlights of the draft itinerary include:

WHEN: under development, no dates set

WHO: 5-6 serious adventurers in average or better physical condition willing to expend lots of energy (and patience) to pioneer this first trip of its kind (and help make it even better for the benefit of those who dare to follow)

HOW MUCH: est. $2200, including lodging, food, ground transportation, and entry fees. Air fare (est. $1200) not included.

NEXT STEP: If you are interested, please contact us. Your feedback on the detailed tentative itinerary is also welcome.