BibleTellingNet is a team of people using BibleTelling resources
to help others increase their understanding of the Bible.
The team helps create and build a foundation for faith in the hearts of people.

BibleTellingNet provides tools and organization to connect those who want to increase their knowledge of the Bible with those who have the tools to help in this area.


People who want to increase their understanding of the Bible might include:

  • individuals with very little knowledge of the Bible
  • mature Christians who want to increase their knowledge of Scripture.
  • people from another religion who are curious about what is in the Bible.


BibleTellingNet equips you to find others interested in learning more about the overall story of God as found in the Bible. All of the tools are based on the 260 stories found in All the Stories of the Bible. The focus is to help people easily go through the entire story of God in a way that is most comfortable to them. Available options include:

  • reading the stories
  • listening to the stories using the 90-second per story version
  • listening to the stories using the full story version (3-5 minutes per story)

Those interested in helping others gain the foundations for faith are invited to join BibleTellingNet. There are no religious prerequisites. A person does not need any Biblical knowledge or background. Everyone is invited. Simply email us at and mention BibleTellingNet.

The first few steps equip a person to better serve others through BibleTellingNet:

 Step 1: You Listen or Read

Listen to (or read) All the Stories of the Bible. This page identifies alternatives for accessing the stories: online, book, mobile app, podcasts. You can take this step in conjunction with steps 2 and 3.

Step 2: Five Others Start

Enlist 5 other people to start listening to (or reading) the 260 stories. You may invite these five people to join you as you go through the stories. At this point, do not ask them to commit to finishing all the stories, only to start.

Step 3: Followup

Maintain regular contact with these five people to encourage their progress. Contact us (or your participating church) for suggested followup questions to help you do this. You don’t need to be able to answer Biblical questions.

Step 4: Five to Finish

Continue inviting others to start listening to or reading the stories. Set a goal to (eventually) encourage at least 5 people who actually complete all 260 stories.

Step 5: One to Find Five

Recruit at least one other person to join the BibleTellingNet team. They begin by listening to or reading all 260 stories of the Bible for themselves (Step 1 above) and then following through the other steps.